Shipping Policy

Shipping and Handling

Your experience with Better Brand Products is our top priority! In order for us to ensure freshness, orders made after 12 PM PST Wednesday will ship the following Monday. 


Upon ordering, you agree to pay any shipping and handling charges shown at the time you make a purchase. We reserve the right to increase, decrease, add or eliminate shipping and handling charges from time to time, but we will provide notice of the charges applicable to you before you make your purchase. Generally, shipping is handled by a third party courier. Actual delivery dates may vary. 





You are responsible for inspecting all Products you receive from us for any damage or other issues upon delivery. To maintain the highest quality and integrity of your Better Brand products, you should immediately eat or place the items into frozen storage (< 0° F) when you receive them. If at any time you believe that the Product in your delivery is not suitable for consumption, please contact us at 


To maintain the quality and integrity of the Products, we recommend that you immediately freeze all Products upon delivery and follow the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (“USDA”) instructions on frozen food storage and food safety. From the time of delivery, the condition and consumption of the Products are solely at your risk, and you are solely responsible for the proper and safe handling, storage, cooking, use and consumption of the Products following delivery. We recommend that you follow the USDA’s instructions on safe food handling.


If you are not at home when your delivery arrives, the courier will generally leave the package for you at your door. Depending on the season and temperature in your geographic area at the time of delivery, advance planning by you should be made for proper storage of your Products prior to consumption. Any individual at the delivery address who accepts a delivery from us is presumed to be authorized to receive such delivery. In cases in which you have designated an alternative receiver, such person shall accept the delivery under all of the same terms and conditions that would apply had you accepted the delivery yourself.


In the case of inclement weather or other events beyond our control that interfere with our ability to deliver your Order, we will attempt to deliver your Order as soon as reasonably possible. In some cases, delivery may occur prior to the scheduled delivery date. In the event that timely delivery of your Product is not feasible, we will cancel your delivery for the period so affected and issue you a credit or refund of the purchase price for that delivery.